Kristina von Rosenvinge


The minute you begin to do what you want to do, it’s a different kind of life.
--Buckminster Fuller
  • Are you feeling frustrated, stuck, and know that you can be, have, and do more?
  • Would you like to have better communication with the people you love?
  • Has your job lost its luster and you yearn to get re-energized?
  • Do you wish that you could be as successful in your personal relationships as you are at work?

Are You Ready To Make Your Life Reflect What You Want For Yourself?

Kristina von Rosenvinge has helped many people evolve their lives to new levels. As a result they have experiences: less stress, less conflict, happiness in relationships, satisfaction at work, and more fun in their lives.

She works from the premise that:

The way to increase the level of WHAT we get in life is
By increasing the level of WHO we are

A Composite of What Clients Have Said after Working with Kristina

“I felt I was being pulled apart with all the demands on me. Kristina made me aware that in order to get control back over my life I had to start setting limits. I had to decide what really mattered to me and say NO to other demands. I learned that as I focused on developing myself it became easier to know what was truly important and what wasn’t. My stress level is way down and I feel in control of my life again.”

“My professional life has been a great success but my personal relationships were in shambles. Kristina knows a lot about relationships. She helped me see that if I wanted a happy relationship I couldn’t continue to be “the boss”. I could only be the boss over myself and not anyone else. She taught me effective communication skills and how to listen so I actually heard my spouse and children. I thought we were headed for divorce but I am now happy in my marriage.”

Would you like to ask Kristina some questions?

You can reach her by telephone: 443-822-8023 or by e-mail • 443 822-8023

Annapolis, Maryland

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